The installation Monoliths by Malte Kebbel consists of original segments of the Berlin Wall, those constitute a non-limited, luminous and reflective place, which instead of its original linear-separating purpose now creates a space of luminous effect for gathering and contemplation.

An unlimited but still open place of thought reflection and meeting is created by light, luminescence, light reflections and monolithic concrete masses. The installation “Monoliths” opens up a luminous space of positive energy, which at the same time deals with the contradictory demarcation of real areas and theoretically boundless thoughts. Four original Berlin wall segments are coated with a luminescent and colored reflective epoxy resin as a flat 3D relief print. They are arranged in the constellation to an elementary stone circle. A programmed lightshow illuminates the light-sensitive installation by ultraviolet light and atmospheric blue light.

During the division of Germany, the Berlin Wall was a hermetic sealing system of the “German Democratic Republic” (DDR), which existed for more than 28 years, from 13 August 1961 to 9 November 1989.

Our approach is to define a place of gathering and contemplation instead of its original (linear) separation purpose.

3D stencil printing, luminescent & reflective epoxy resin on original Berlin wall segment & light installation; per object: 120 x 220 x 360cm, 2,8 tons; Installation:
800 x 800 x 360cm, 11,2 tons

Malte Kebbel

Kebbel produces light artworks that ranges from two-dimensional mixed media works to large-scale walk-in installations . By daylight, the works follow a clear aesthetic changing their appearance when exposed to special light. Kebbel draws on the interplay of luminescence and shadows experimenting with different techniques and materials. His oeuvre is characterized by an intensive interaction of shape and color, the use of geometrical forms, heights and depths as well as patterns composed of fragments. Kebbel mainly works in the public space displaying his artworks at light festivals or biennials.
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Malte Kebbel

Malte Kebbel is a German artist and designer. He creates and realizes the installation "Monoliths".

Malte Kebbel

Malte Kebbel is a German artist and designer. He creates and realizes the installation "Monoliths".

Kai Rixrath

Kai Rixrath, owner of McParking. He has the place and the original Berlin Wall segments.

Mc Parking

Kai Rixrath, owner of McParking. McParking is a car park provider in Berlin-Tegel, Berlin-Schönefeld and Leipzig. Since its inception in 2004, McParking has provided a secure and affordable alternative to parking at the airport.

Reinhard Geiger

Reinhard Geiger, Architect. He is the information center and the logistics expert.

Reinhard Geiger Architekten

Reinhard Geiger Architekten is a team of architects, landscape architects, energy consultants and civil engineers.




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